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Does your Mirena intrauterine device (IUD) need to be replaced or removed? Our team of women’s health specialists are here to provide advice and support.

A Mirena typically needs to be replaced every 5 years so that it remains effective at preventing your period and pregnancy.

Seeing a doctor who is experienced with Mirena removals and replacements will help avoid the risk of any complications, such as an unwanted pregnancy or perforation of the uterus.

The removal process

Removing an IUD takes just a few minutes and is less painful than an insertion. To remove a Mirena, your doctor will simply pull on the strings attached and it should fold up and slide out. In some cases, your IUD may need to be surgically removed.

Following removal, you may experience light bleeding. Your period will typically take a few months to return, however you will be able to get pregnant immediately after the removal procedure.

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